At Hackberry kennels,  every portion of our pointer's  confirmation is important.  Essentially, it is crucial for our dogs to have good noses thus finding birds.  I also expect my pointers to have eye appeal, show athletic abilities and are structurally correct, as we ask them to run hard, go the distance and sometimes jump a fence.  I want you, as a owner, to be proud you purchased a dog from Hackberry kennels.  We strive for intelligent breeding stock since intelligent dogs are easier to train and retain what they are taught.  

Thank you for your interest.  Bob and Leona Konz 
We would love to hear from you or if your looking at purchasing a new companion, feel free to reach out and Email or Call us at 402.681.3046.
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  • Numark Lucky Charm
    Charm is a stylish bird finder. Multiple Champions in this pedigree. She is a direct daughter of CH Rock Acre Blackhawk and River Ranch Salena.
  • Hackberrys White Diamond
    Diamond is a very well behaved, stylish great retriever. She is a hardworking female that wants to be around you. But when it's time to hunt she will work hard.
  • Numark Souix Z
    A wide based white and black female who is a good bird hunter.  She retrieves naturally and as a dam produces pups that are extremely stylish.  She is a well behaved pointer while paying close attention to commands. Stylish hard running female out of the highly touted River Ranch Salena and Numark Elhew Gusto a son of Distinction.
  • Numark Sioux Zee
    Sioux Zee is a stylish female with an eye catching look. She has a beautiful point and super nose. She is out of River Ranch Selena and a Son of Distinction. Her appearance and pedigree is sure to produce great looking pups with high quality birds dogs.
  • Oakley
    Oakley is a direct daughter of the famous great river ice. With a high powered pedigree She has produced multiple high quality bird dog. She will produce with the best of them.
  • Piper
    A white and orange female with black pigmentation of nose, eyes and lips.  She is an outstanding evenly marked face pointer weighing about 48 lbs.  Pieper is a excellent mother,  producing quality pups from many notable sires.
  • Molly
    A white and black female with a outstanding nose who runs hard in the field and a great retriever.  She is a direct daughter of Black Ice with a huge amount of Elhew in her pedigree.  Molly is a 45lb. female who throws outstanding pups.
  • Skeeter
    A direct daughter of Black Ice, a white female with black pigmentation.  Speeder produces pups that buyers have been wild about.  She is an over achiever as a dam.
  • Star
    This daughter of Black Ice is producing stylish pups that run hard and find birds.  The quality of her pups is unmatched; they will work for anyone, whether a foot hunter or on horseback.  Her offspring has been top notch.

    She whelped 6 on August 14th.
  • Lucy
    Lucy is an Elhew bred female with a big body and legs. She is a sixty pounder in her running weight. Previous litters have produced large frame offspring. She is a very handsome female that is an easy keeper and quiet in the kennel.
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  • Sidney
    Sidney is from surgical interred semen out of Elhew Jefferson. Which makes her a half sister to Elhew Swami. Sydney is very stylish and blows up when she goes on point. A delight in the kennel and without a doubt a super producer of quality pups.
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  • Hackberries Magic Ice
    Daughter of Patch and Star
    Westfalls river ice
    Extremely stylish highly intelligent with a great gate. Dam that should produce some high quality hunting and trial prospects, 2018 shooting dog. A two year qualifier too national championship.
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  • Hackberrys Elhew Megan
    Megan is a Elhew bred female, always catches your eye. She has a clean body and a great mask. Just like her mother she is treat in the kennel because of her demeanor.
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  • Hackberrys Ice Taya
    Taya is one of those quality females out of Flashpan and Skeeter. She is high on both ends, with a huge amount of point and very quick on her feet with lots of desire.
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  • Hackberrys Elhew Jedi
    Jedi is a beautiful Cody daughter. She has an evenly marked face with no body spots a friendly and lovable female with a great attitude. A foot hunters dream. Jedi is a stout dog with a great Elhew pedigree.
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  • Numark Surefire Peg
    Peg is a daughter of Rock Acres Black Hawk and River Ranch Salena. She is a nice sized female for an English Pinter and a wonderful dog to be around. Also great in the kennel. Her pedigree speaks for itself and should make her a quality producer.
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  • Hackberrys Ice Diggy
    Diggy is one of those double bred Black Ice Females that is out of Hackberry;s Ice Patch. The 2k Oklahoma Shooting Dog champion. Her Dam is Skeeter a very high producing Black Ice Female. She is a hard runner but is easy to work with.
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  • Deep Creek Katydid
    Katy is a daughter of Dunn's Tried'n True. She is Abigails running dog with alot of heart. It is hard to find a dam with a sire that has so many national championships. Dunn's Tried'n True is impressive stylish with alot of stamina.
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