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Dogs name : Oakley

Just wanted to say thanks for my male pointer Oakley he is coming 2 this year in October and last year he hunted and not only pointed and found game he did alot of broke gundog  work. He is my wife`s dog she thinks but what a dog. He as pointed the different types of birds and looks super doing it. I just bought a another female pointer pup Elsa who is about 6 months and does love birds .I would tell anyone looking for a true gundog to really give Hackberry  Kennels a call you will be glad you did.

Ronnie Eldridge

Name : : Tom Costa
Your dogs name : : Owen
Your Message : : Style, Class, Intensity, Birdy, Loyal, Drive, Personality, Stamina, Playful, Intelligent..... These are just a few things that come to mind when describing my 11 Month old  Pointer Owen. My experience with Bob at Hackberry Kennels has been nothing short of Exceptional since the very first call I placed to him. This was the first Pointer I purchased that I was not able to see in person to pick a puppy due to the distance. He worked very closely with me (and my Wife) to answers any questions and help figure out which puppy would best fit my Family and Hunting needs. His knowledge and passion of the breed truly shows  when speaking with him. I have been working Owen since the spring and the Professional Trainer I am working with stated "WOW You have one Heck of a dog there!" Always a nice thing to hear! Owen's training is coming along very nicely and I am very excited to hit the woods this fall with him. Anyone looking for a top of the line birddog should give Bob at Hackberry Kennels a call! You will not be disappointed.

Sincerely, Tom Costa

Name : : Patrick Bradford
Your dogs name : : Hackberry's Copper Jewel (Babe)
 Your Message and State you reside in : : Babe is a female out of a litter whelped on 1/25/16.The sire is Hackberry's Elhew Cody and the Dam is Hackberry's Lightfoot Ice.She joins a Guard Rail bred male and an Elhew Damascus bred male in my kennel.From the day I brought her home she has been an easy dog to work with and has taken to training very well.It was obvious from the moment we arrived that Bob Konz is a first class dog breeder.I was referred to him by others in my search for the type of pup I was looking for and could not be happier.Bob patiently videoed the pup,described her and was spot on.I sent him a deposit to hold her,but was not pressured in anyway to take her when I got out to his place.All of his dogs were very social and you could quickly tell he personally spends a lot of time with them.As anyone knows a well bred dog is much easier to train whether your just foot hunting or trailing. I am a foot hunter and am very happy with my pup.

Name : : Megan Gruver
Your dogs name : : Hackberry's Scout
Your Message and State you reside in : : Scout is a female out of a litter that was whelped on January 31, 2016. Her mom is Star and her dad is Patch, her grandfather is Westfall’s Black Ice. We were referred to Bob by our friend who also purchased a pup from Bob in October 2015. Growing up my husband had always had German Shorthairs, I had always had mutts and neither of us had ever owned an English Pointer. From the first time I spoke to Bob on the phone I was aware of the love that he has for his dogs. He was very welcoming and knowledgeable, allowing us to barge in on a Sunday morning to see the puppies he had available. All dogs at Hackberry Kennels are kept in well maintained kennels and it is awesome to see how they listen to Bob, when they begin to get a little rambunctious. Scout was my choice, my husband had his eye on a different dog, but she is most definitely the dog for us. She lives in our house with us, was extremely easy to crate train, was relatively easy to house train and train in general. She enjoys the mental stimulation of learning a new trick or playing hide and seek in the house. She is a very loving dog, always greets you with a wagging tail and is most likely to lick you to death before anything else. We have friends who come over with small children and you can see a change in her play around them; she does not play as rough with the kids as she does with myself or my husband. We have taken her camping with us and she is a dream. We go on daily walks and she is a neighborhood favorite; everyone knows her name and has to say hi. She is very social and has never met a dog or human that she didn’t like. I am often stopped while we are out by people who comment on how pretty she is and what a good looking dog she is. I may be biased but I whole heartedly agree! She has a natural prey instinct and has pointed from day one; pointing often on our walks. She took to retrieving easily and probably her favorite activity to do in our back yard is to play fetch. Our friends bring their Pointer over and the two of them can play for hours in our backyard. While she does require a decent amount of exercise she is also just as content to be a couch potato, her favorite spot being on my husband’s lap. She went into heat at the beginning of pheasant season this year, so while we were not able to fully take her out in the field our next steps are to get her used to gun fire and field train her.  It can’t be said enough what a first class breeder/ambassador for the breed Bob is. He checks in with us on a regular basis to see how Scout is doing and as I previously said is extremely knowledgeable about his pups specifically and the breed in general. If you are looking for a good family dog/hunting dog combination, you cannot go wrong with a dog from Hackberry Kennels.